Karls World 8 [126859]

From the creative mind of Charles Dera including all sorts of roleplaying!


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Breeder: Insemination [122421]
Watch her get milked, fisted and violated!

Infernal Restraints

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Manhandled and Big Dreams [121002]
Juliette March loves to be fully dominated...

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Juliette March Is A Brat [120348]
Juliette March is a brat and it could cost her and her partner their asses. Juliette lets Izamar do all the work for this match. She does t even keep track of their tags and it causes "Team Las Diablas" to miss a tag and points. Juliette taunts Mia and Lisa from the side lines and it infuriates them. Mia and Lisa promise to fuck Juliette March up in this match or in a singles match!

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Juliette [118905]

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Help Wanted [114147]
When a beautiful but desperate grad student applies for a housekeeping job at a mysterious estate, her new job duties take her to the dark side of service, bondage and sex. Juliette March play a sexy and vulnerable young woman drawn into Derrick Pierces house of domination. Juliette submits to Derricks bondage, nipple clamps, gags, whipping, hard anal sex and sexy, sexy humiliation.

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Third Time Is A Charm [111308]
Hardcore rope bondage, brutal torment. Extreme orgasms.

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Women Seeking Women 134 [107551]
Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

Girlfriends Films

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She Needs To Expose Her Cunt To Everyone [105448]
Juliette March looks so cute when she is punished and publicly humiliated. This pint sized cunt is willing to do anything for Steve Holmes dick. Blindfolded, barefoot and exposed to hundreds of onlookers.

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Poor Juliette [103559]
Juliette March is a total slut and deserves to be shamed! This whore gets fully naked at a huge crowded park in front of everyone, then Steve Holmes fucks her tight pussy in public while she is in rope bondage! Later, she is let loose to service everyone at a crowded open bar.

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