Karls World 8 [126859]

From the creative mind of Charles Dera including all sorts of roleplaying!


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Men [126687]
Men finally the focus is on him.

Exile Distribution

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3rd Wheel [125051]
What is it like to go on a date with a Porn Star? Join Karl Toughlove as he brings you along as a 3RD WHEEL on four adventures with some of his hottest Toughlove Approved broads. Motorcycle and cock riding, getting her birdie on a golf course, fucking in the sunny park and banging old school in a parked car. What kind of pussy needs flowers and walks on the beach? These bitches love the Toughlove style of dating!


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My Wifes Massage/ The Slut Maker [123762]
A sexy trilogy of erotic massages, hot threesomes, fantasies fulfillment and husband voyeurism. These vixens love taking huge cocks, two at a time, until their pussies are swollen and their faces are covered in white creamy man goo.

Im A Nympohomaniac Like Mom 5 [123588]
Every family has its dirty little secrets! A torrid feature about the travails of one horny mother, Sheena is raising two nymphomaniac college girls. Nothing can keep these girls libidos in check! moms at home fucking the young neighbor while the girls are running around fucking every boy in sight! Alex is a sex addict and has been diagnosed with nymphomania. She cant even make it to class because she is constantly fucking all of the frat boys. To top it off, when she comes home she fucks her moms new husband. Then there is Jaye. Jaye loves older men and has been fucking the father next door! Cunts will be filled and cocks will be stroked as these women try to scratch the itch that cannot be scratched.

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Hide And Skeet [123318]
Handling kommer snart...

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Bad Samaritans [121057]
After having a fight with her boyfriend, Carly (Cadence Lux) gets picked up by a nicely dressed man, Adam (Seth Gamble). Carly cant help but feel a little smitten by the handsome stranger, especially in contrast to her jerky boyfriend. The last thing she wants to do is go home right now and deal with James. Adam shrugs his shoulders and invites her to his friends house. The trio sits down in the living room and Carly nervously sips her drink, thinking that maybe she should just go home. Before she can say anything, Nathan is snapping photos of Adam and her on the couch to make his boyfriend freak. Now, kiss me Adam says. Carly hesitates, I think weve got enough good photos already! Nathan pushes her head towards his friend and reminds her that she needs to make her boyfriend jealous.

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Sexual Affliction [120829]
Gorgeous brunette Whitney Wright gets stranded by her ride in the middle of nowhere during the worse storm. She franticly is able to make here way to Charles Deras doorstep. But she has no idea what perfect storm she has gotten herself into. When she passes out in his foyer, Whitney Wright wakes up to find she shackled in chains as Charles Dera is there to treat her for sexual affliction. Whitney Wright obediently takes Charles huge cock deep down her sloppy wet throat. Tied up tight in restrictive rope bondage, Whitneys ass is fully exposed and propped up stuffed with a butt plug. Charles uses this opportunity with Whitneys wet pussy exposed to shove his dick deep into her pussy for a hard pounding fuck. Whitney screams with pleasure as her butt plug is ripped out of her tight little asshole. Those screams are just the beginning as Charles pulls out the flogger and delivers a brutal beating to Whitneys ass. Switching to cowgirl, hard nipple clamps are placed on Whitneys sensitive tender nipples as Charles continues his brutal fucking session. For her final lesson, Whitneys hands are bound to her feet with her pussy spread wide open, ready for Charles cock and huge thick load. Charles uses his big hands on Whitneys throat to bring out a huge screaming orgasm.

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Anal Extortion [116422]
Big ass brunette Kimber Woods is in some trouble with the Feds over a botched business deal and may face prison. She is lounging on the penthouse rooftop of her apartment in a tini pink bikini and high heels. She goes into the house wiggling her curvey ass and makes the phone call that will change her life forever. Charles shoes up at Kimbers house to discuss her situation but he immediately dominates and tells her they are going to do it his way or no way.

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Bourgeois Filth And The Litanies Of Perversion [110850]
The gorgeous Lea Lexis is under the direct tutelage of Mr. Gray hoping to become a respectable woman and find herself that perfect husband. Practicing her divine walk, perfect pedicured toes are seen through her stockings. Unimpressed, Mr Gray moves her along to the dining room table to teach her lessons on being a proper woman.

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