Impulse [128337]

Impulse drives the action in these four fresh stories from Addie and Aaron spiral obsessively into each other on a job that leaves them holed up in a small space for too long in Complicit Consumption. Casca Turns on her husband in a fit of vengeance in That Pretty Wife. Dixie will go to any length to prove a point when she and her boyfriend disagree on what factor designates who holds the power in any room in Point, and when Mick opens the door to find a charming stranger in need of help, he learns that the outcome was never the problem; he made a victim of himself the moment he fell for Kylie in Love at First Sight. All find fits of life in the high moments of their actons and crash in the consequences that follwow.

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Blonde Label [128075]
Blondes make a captivating case for your attention in these four obsessive stories from Deeper. Stoya directs Rily Steele in a story of willful disobedience between partners in Do You Want. Leah Lee quietly upends her domineering husbands world when he sleeps in Secret. Adira Allure asks a question whose answer she is unprepared for She Wanted to Knowl Jessa Rhodes is confronted by mroe than the attention shed bargained for in Show Me Your Legs. Each directs the gaze to exactly the place they want you to look.

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Sex Obsessed [123543]
The characters in Deepers Sex Obsessed are single-minded and unrestrained in their pursuit of what fixates them. Demi isnt satisfied until her partner leaves marks that stick. A man demands perfection of his maids work. Scarlit can only see sex in the way Aaron moves his fingers. Markus is struck by Elsas likeness to a doll she keeps. In all cases, the fixations only serve to fuel sexual encounters that leave lasting effects on viewer and character alike.

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Relentless [123100]
One of Deepers finest collections of select vignettes, Relentless showcases four tales tailored to performers whose sex drive is best described as an unending need. Markus demands perfection from Mia Melano in her audition, Riley Reid takes a game to extreme ends in "Try Me," Gianna is pursued by her husbands friend after he is slighted, and Cecilia loses track of what is real and what is imagined as her obsessive need for domination deepens. Each character leans further into their perversions, and each leaves the viewer with the sense that they have just begun.

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The Predatory Women [122567]
The predatory woman is out for no one but herself, leaving her sexual partners with a smug and consolatory knowledge that if she slept with them then the encounter must have bee enjoyable at least for her. Melina pulls at Micks strings like a puppet master, Karla Aaron to see in ill-planned attempt completely through, Haley finds the most erotic part of Manuels body to be his wedding ring, and Rebel is precise about her relationship to her boss: Opposing cannot be friends. Opposing are enemies.

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My First Interracial Vol. 14 [120933] proudly presents MY FIRST INTERRACIAL VOL. 14! Three-time AVN Director of the Year, Greg Lansky, has curated the best-of-his-best exclusive and debut IR scenes for fans of every level! Cover-model, Jia Lissa, plays a young woman infatuated with BBC who has yet to experience it -- which changes in a BIG way while on vacation. Also featuring the debut IR performances of Zoe Bloom, Ivy Wolfe, and Ashley Lane. With beautiful cinematography, captivating stories, and stunning models in exclusive performances - MY FIRST INTERRACIAL VOL. 14 is a collection not to be missed!

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Control Freak [117034]
Kayden Kross newest collection of vignettes allows her characters to lay out their control issues for the voyeuristic pleasure of all. Mickey Mod has been fantasizing for a long time about dominating his teaching assistant, Janice. One late night he builds up the courage to try, but isnt strong enough. She sees an opportunity and takes control instead. When Michael disappears from Ivys party of two to take a business call, Ivy gets down to business too. Interrupting him wearing nothing but killer lingerie and a mans shirt, she gives Michael one last chance before the games begin. He blows it. But when Ivys glass shatters on the floor, Michael finally gives her the attention she came for. Deadpan, she raises an eyebrow and says, Oops. Next he gives her the punishment she came for. Giselle cant get over her sexual fixation on the first man who ever dominated her. Isiah has control issues and Eliza is fed up with the attention hes paying to everything except her. Finally she pushes him back against the wall. Let go, she says.

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Cheater Cheater [115807]
Cheater Cheater TRENCHCOATxs newest collection of vignettes features four highly satisfying tales of unapologetic cheating. Cheating Its not nice, but its satisfying. Besides, we dont fall for stories on account of how nice they are. We fall for them on account of how satisfying they are.A car pulls up at Anas house uninvited. One of Anas guests looks out the window. Does she have a bat, he asks. The girl with the bat has questions of her own. She squares off with Ana. You talkin to Johnny? Ana stands up and straightens her dress coolly. What if I am?Bridgette B. finishes Stallion off nicely before they both fall asleep. Hours pass before Bridgette wakes up in a panic. Racing against the clock, she thinks she just might have beat her husband home, until he walks up behind her without a sound. Calmly, he asks, ?Where have you been?? Aire is a new hire as a wealthy family?s assistant. Each morning she arrives with coffee in hand and helps them begin their day, and each morning she grows more curious about the husband, Mr. Nixon. Eventually, the morning comes when Mrs. Nixon is not there. Alexa and Ricky have nurtured a mutual crush in the office for years, but Ricky is married. The day comes when both are out of town on a business trip. Alexa becomes determined to seduce him on their last day there, and sits down alone with him under the guise of work. The two awkwardly sidestep the issue of their attraction, but once he removes his wedding ring, she picks up the aggression.

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Games We Play [115803]
Games We Play, Directed by Kayden Kross, is a collection of vignettes played out between characters whose relationship is revealed to be a twisted game of sex and obsession. Each unfolds in layers of attraction and frustration as the couples fall into the dynamics that promises to keep pulling them back together. Ashley and Tyler have made a head game out of sexually frustrating each other. When Tyler takes it too far, Ashley takes her revenge. Do you know what happens to teases, she asks? Teases get tied up. When Angela confronts Markus on a betrayal, what unfolds is a roller coaster of attraction and repulsion as they both fall into the dynamic that promises to keep pulling them back together. Valentina and her husband have a game they play, she can do whatever it takes to seduce a man and he can do whatever it takes to deter the man. If the man fucks her, she wins. Markus works after hours grading papers at his desk when Alexa, his student, drops in. You are not supposed to be here, he says with apprehension. She smiles at him, almost with pity. Im your student, arent I? Makes sense that I would be here. But he is right. Shes not supposed to be there, and she doesnt take no for an answer.

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Bare [114935]
Bare is a vignette collection of women who are beautiful without makeup, portrayed in vulnerable settings and shot entirely in natural light. In one, schoolgirls Chloe and Alyce study together as they try to suppress an attraction they dont understand. In another, Alina fantasizes about wearing the rich lingerie left lying out by her boss, the beautiful and accomplished Jenna Sativa. Shyla wakes up after a fight with her lover, Sadie, and experiences the previous night in flashbacks as she showers. Ivy Wolfe feels uncomfortable stripping down fully before her masseuse, Elena, but as Elena keeps pushing the boundaries, Ivy slowly comes around. All are stripped down and exposed, bare in the light.

Jules Jordan Video

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